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Welcome to Qatar Fertiliser Company SAQ (QAFCO) ‘s “Supplier Registration On-Line Database Portal”.

By this portal, we offer our potential as well as existing suppliers, the opportunity to register their company profile. This registration will support our efforts to identify diverse sources of supply for our various category opportunities.

As business grows and changes, our company is focused on acquiring products and services from suppliers who understand our business, values, expectations, and commitment to quality, innovation , sustainability and customer satisfaction. We expect our suppliers to be dynamic, flexible, creative and able to respond to changing business conditions and new challenges.

If you feel your company can meet our above standards & requirements and share our ethical business practices and sincerely wish to conduct business with QAFCO, we encourage you to register your company in our “Supplier Registration on-line data base portal”.

This “Supplier Registration portal” is a quick and easy way for you to tell QAFCO about your company’s capabilities, certifications and interest in doing business with us. The information you provide in your on-line company profile will be treated on confidential basis.

QAFCO utilizes the “Supplier Registration On-Line Database” as a vehicle for matching supplier’s core capabilities to our procurement needs, which provides us with a clear understanding of your company’s products, services, capabilities and experience. If QAFCO’s requirements match your company’s core competency areas, you may be contacted by the appropriate personnel from QAFCO for further evaluation.
Please note that process makes you only as a "Registered" (searchable) supplier in our supplier database. Please note registration via this portal does NOT make you an "Approved" supplier and obligate QAFCO or guarantee of any opportunities or follow up Enquiries, RFQs, and Tenders from QAFCO.


All of your information will be kept confidential and used solely within QAFCO to establish your company’s as a potential supplier as part of supplier registration database for continued business evaluation, as contact information for potential sourcing events and for archival purpose.

Do not submit information that is proprietary, restricted, or confidential and submit only information that QAFCO may use or disclose without restriction.

Helpdesk & Feedback

If you encounter difficulties in accessing or filling the on-line registration form, or any other issues relating to this module, please do not hesitate to send an email .

On the other hand, we also invite you to freely submit your feedback and suggestion that may help us to improve the accuracy of this website to the same email address above

For Detailed information and guidance to fill the registration form, please click here

.Terms and Conditions

You may voluntarily submit your company information for the opportunity to become a potential supplier to QAFCO, by submitting the form you agree that you have:

1. done so voluntarily with no inducement.

2. received no offer to and have no expectation of becoming a supplier.

3. consented to the collection and use of this information by QAFCO for the purpose described.

4. agreed that QAFCO shall have NO LIABILITY to you or anyone else for any damages or other claim that result or may result from the use of or disclosures of this information or from your use, or inability to use, or relying on the information displayed on this website.

5. understood and accepted that site and the linked sites are intended tfor providing general information and guidelines only. They are not to be read as creating any express or implied promises or invitation to deal or contract with QAFCO or its affiliates for conducting business, for any benefit, or for specific treatment in any specific situation.

6. acknowledged that any relationship between you and QAFCO must be governed by a future written agreement signed by both parties.

7. acknowledged that QAFCO may change the terms and condition set out above from time to time. By browsing this website you are accepting that you are bound by the current terms and conditions and you should check these each time you revisit the site.

8. these terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with the law

Please indicate your acceptance to the above terms and condition as a requirement to commence the registration process

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